Super Redways

Commute by bike even further

The Redway Super Routes – a commuter network

The Redway Super Routes network consists of 13 existing continuous corridors of Redways which align closely to the grid roads. They are particularly great for cycle commuters or people who want to travel longer distances across the city by cycle.

The full network of Super Routes can be seen on our interactive map.

The project to reintroduce the Redway Super Routes will take several years and will initially address the issues which have been highlighted by people as the key barriers to using the Redways more.

In the Milton Keynes Planning Manual (1992) these routes were referred to as the ‘cross-city Redways’ suitable for longer journeys and commuting. Subsequently these routes have been called ‘priority routes’, ‘express routes’ and eventually ‘Super Redways’ in the 2013 Cycling Strategy for Milton Keynes.

The first phase of enhancements and upgrades to the routes will include:

Improved wayfinding

  • Fingerposts and route identification – new fingerposts will be installed on routes which will include the end point destination of the route and also the name of the Super Route. Wayfinding will be simplified and standardised using internationally recognised design guidance.
  • Totems – at key junctions with other Super Routes, on-street totems will be installed displaying the Redway map, Redway code and additional information.
  • Underpass nameplates – an original and key element of Redway wayfinding, missing or damaged signs will be replaced.

Vegetation cutback/clearance

  • To improve safety, vegetation will be cut down to recommended heights or replaced at junctions and underpasses to allow better visibility.
  • At road junctions, reintroducing the visibility and sightline standards will also allow drivers to see people on the Redway more clearly.
  • Overhanging and overgrown vegetation along the routes will be cutback according to original landscape design standards to enable use of the full width of the Redway.

New Redways

  • Existing routes will be extended to their logical ends, increasing access to the network to more of the MK population.
  • Missing links and desire lines will be built to improve the directness, coherence and efficiency of the routes to improve journey times.
  • Some existing, well used sections of Redway may be increased to the intended five metre width to provide a better experience for everybody using the Redway.

Road junction design

Opportunities to improve Redway junctions at roads will be looked at and assessed against modern design guidance. We will investigate options to improve the safety of junctions, reduce the number of road crossings, remove obstructions and street furniture which impact on the efficiency and effort required along routes, discuss the possibility of giving pedestrians and cyclists priority at certain junctions.

Improving surface quality

As funding becomes available we will look to resurface the worst sections of Redway to provide a smoother, better quality surface. Due to the level of funding required for this work we anticipate it will take place at a slower rate than the improvements outlined above.

Highways Street Lighting project

As part of the council’s city-wide LED street lighting upgrade programme, a majority of the Super Routes now have modern street lights. The Highways team will continue this work to cover the network.

New approaches

Working with the Highways team, Redway Super Routes will be prioritised for maintenance, cleaning, resurfacing and winter gritting.

Future improvements

As the levels of cycling and walking in MK increase and routes get busier we will look at using additional infrastructure improvements to further elevate the Redway Super Route network.

A variety of technology and innovation products are being reviewed and assessed. Future additions to the network will help to make the routes safer and more attractive for everyday cycling and walking journeys.

Map of Milton Keynes showing the existing Redway Super Routes network

2018 existing Redway Super Route network

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