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School Travel Grants 

(We are now closed to new applications)

Schools are able to apply for a ‘Travel Grants’ to help implement measures that increase travel to your school by active and sustainable modes. 

 The grants are available to schools who can demonstrate how the funding will be used to encourage and enable their school to make positive changes to their travel behaviour. 

Schools can apply for grants up to the value of £5,000 to support plans to encourage more people in Milton Keynes to walk, cycle, scoot or use public transport, building on the rise of greener, more environmentally friendly, people-powered journeys. 

Benefits of promoting and enabling active and sustainable travel

  • Better air quality around the school gates
  • Reduce issues with parking and increase the safety of the road around your school.  
  • Reduce traffic queues and congestion around your school 
  • Support your students and or staff to be more physically active by making it easier to walk, cycle and use public transport 
  • Healthier and happier students  
  • Reduce your schools transport emissions
  • Save money on fuel and vehicle costs – for your parents and your employees 

 Funding will be directed towards schemes that:

  • Support and encourage use of active modes of transport which deliver health and well-being benefits. 
  • Support and encourage travel which minimise CO2 emissions and other pollutant emissions. 
  • Ensure the safety of all travellers. 

 Schemes that will be eligible for funding:

  • Promotional events/campaigns that encourage walking, cycling, scooting and public transport. 
    • e.g. Dr Bike Session, Scooter Skills Session, Active Travel Breakfast
  • Provision of pool bikes. 
  • Implementation of car sharing scheme and/or bays for staff. 
  • Installation of EV charging points.
  • New or improvements to cycle parking facilities. 

Schools are able to apply for more than one initiative/schemes e.g. funding for Dr Bike Session, Scooter Storage. This isn’t an extensive list, please feel free to apply for any initiative/scheme.

 Scheme criteria:

  • Schools can apply for a sustainable travel grant up to a maximum £5,000. 
  • Schools will agree to monitor the impact and benefits of the scheme by providing baseline data and surveys. 
  • Schools must register on the Modeshift STARS for platform, and as a minimum, have completed the Site Audit section and student travel survey. 
  • The awarded school should commit to achieving a minimum of Green Modeshift STARS accreditation within 6-months of receiving their grant. (This means that they will have developed a Travel Plan and are committed to delivering action to further promote and enable active and sustainable travel to and from their site.) 

Scheme application 

  • Complete the application, include details of your proposed scheme.
  • Milton Keynes Council assesses applications monthly. 
  • Notification of successful applications. 
  • Applicant agrees to criteria and registers for Modeshift STARS. 
  • Applicant completes student travel survey to capture baseline data and completes Site Audit.


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