E-cargo bikes

E-cargo bikes are coming to Milton Keynes to transform the ways that deliveries are made across the city.

E-cargo bikes are coming to Milton Keynes

E-cargo bikes: transforming deliveries

E-cargo bikes are hitting the streets of Milton Keynes as part of a new initiative to reduce congestion and reduce emissions.

Milton Keynes Council has introduced e-cargo bikes to its vehicle fleet in a drive to improve the ways that deliveries are made across the city.

The new bikes, which can carry up to 630 litres, will be used to support businesses who are making deliveries across Milton Keynes. The aim is to reduce the reliance of cars and vans by providing a more sustainable alternative.

A number of bikes will be used by the Council’s tree and highway inspectors as a way of getting around the borough for their investigations. The fleet will also be available to local businesses to lease as part of the Get Smarter business travel initiative.

E-cargo bikes for business

Businesses across Milton Keynes are encouraged to get on board and trial a new way to make deliveries across the city.

Under the councils e-cargo bike lease scheme, 13 bikes are available to businesses to loan at a heavily reduced rate on a short and long-term basis.

Capable of carrying loads of up to 630 litres, the bikes can replace cars or vans for most local journeys and are perfect for first and last mile deliveries.

If your business is making deliveries across the city, could you play your part in reducing transport emissions and making Milton Keynes a greener place to live and work?

Benefits of e-cargo bikes

  • Save money on fuel and vehicle costs
  • No more parking charges
  • Reduce transport emissions
  • Avoid traffic queues
  • Healthier and happier staff
  • Promotion (bikes can be branded)
  • Be a pioneer!

Register here to get involved.

I think electric bikes are the future, and I’m really proud that yet again Milton Keynes is leading the way.

Cllr Jenny Marklew, Cabinet Member for Sustainability

The e-cargo Bike Grant Fund scheme is funded by the Department for Transport and delivered by Energy Saving Trust.

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