Cycle facilities

Facilities for cyclists and cycling including secure cycle parking and lockers, tool stations and commuter facilities

Cycle facilities to help get you cycling

There is a wide range of cycle parking dotted around Milton Keynes and the local area as well as public tool stations and commuter cycle facilities to enable more people to cycle. The main locations can be seen on our interactive map. If you haven’t got a bike, there are also lots of options to hire or buy one.

Cycle Tool Stations and Pumps

There are currently three locations in MK which provide air pumps and tool stations with workstands and basic tools for the public. These are free to use and easy to access at MK Central Station, Bletchley railway station and outside the Get Changed unit in CMK. To ensure these facilities are kept in tip-top condition, please report any issues to us using the contact page.

Cycle parking at train stations and coachway

Almost all of the train stations in Milton Keynes provide some form of free cycle parking and there are 10 covered cycle stands at MK Coachway. We recommend using good sold secure rated locks to secure your bicycle to the metal stands.

  • Milton Keynes Central – double-tier, covered cycle racking with space for 320 bicycles
  • Bletchley – covered area with 29 sheffield stands and double-tier racking for over 80 bikes
  • Wolverton – covered area with 20 sheffield stands for 40 bikes
  • Bow Brickhill – covered area with 6 sheffield stands
  • Woburn Sands

Cycle parking around MK

Standard cycle stands are located in most car parks in Central Milton Keynes and at local centres, leisure centres, places of interest and many schools. Two large, covered cycle parking areas with sheffield stands for 40 bikes are located on either side of the INTU shopping centre in CMK.

Street pods

Black cycle pods mounted on the ground. Milton Keynes has 87 Streetpods, which are free to use, installed across the city centre including Lloyds Court, the Point, MK Gallery, in the wider Theatre District, and at Xscape, The Library and Midsummer Place.

The pods are ‘Sold Secure Diamond-Rated’ – the highest level of bicycle security available in the UK. Each pod can hold two bikes in a ’high-low’ design to avoid handlebar clashes. Each front wheel fits neatly into a secure shell made from recycled materials that contains a ring of reinforced solid steel, and the back wheel and frame can be additionally secured though the steel ring using the cyclist’s own D-lock. We recommend securing your bike with a heavy-duty ‘Sold Secure’ rated D-lock – or even two locks – where possible.

Secure Cycle Parking

There are 196 secure cycle lockers at MK Central train station, each with room for one standard bicycle. To hire a cycle locker costs £63.25 per year or £38 per six months with a refundable key deposit of £50. Use the form below to apply for a secure locker.

Get Changed Unit

A shower and changing facility located on Witan Gate/Midsummer Boulevard. The unit has internal lockers for personal belongings, secure cages in a drying room, showers, a changing room and 48 secure cycle lockers.

The full facility is available at a charge of £288 per year paid monthly by direct debit and includes the use of a secure cycle locker – that’s around £1 per day! A very small number of secure lockers are also available at a cost of £63.25 per year.

Complete the following form to be added to the waiting list or to be contacted for further details.

Request Cycle Facility

Cycle Facilities Enquiry

Request a secure cycle locker or use of Get Changed

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