Top Tips for cycling in awesome Autumn!

After the hazy days of Summer, the mornings may be darker, the weather may be cooler and the rain maybe falling, but there are lots of reasons to continue cycling through the change in season.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year to get out on your bike seeing the changing colour of the trees and leaves.  Pedal on safely though, pedals get slippery in the wet too, if you’re not comfortable with clip-ins, invest in some with extra grip and a good set of tyres will go a long way to prevent unnecessary skidding, inflating the tyres a little less than you would in summer will improve traction in slippery conditions.

A blast on your bike can help keep the winter blues at bay, exercise is a great way to keep you in top condition both physically and mentally.  Dress for the weather, jackets and gloves are a must on your checklist.  Your jacket needs to be water and wind proof, but also breathable and not too thick, it’s amazing how quickly you can overheat while cycling.

Commuting by bike at this time of year not only saves you money, but you’re also much less likely to get exposed to all the coughs and colds that often spread through crowded buses and trains.  Avoid injury though, start your commute slowly so that your body, especially your joint and muscles can warm up properly.

Darker evenings may mean you get caught out on the way home cycling in the dark, so it’s important to think ahead and pack lights and reflective clothing as a matter of habit once the season starts to turn.

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