Cycle training for Schools

Bikeability training to schools in Milton Keynes

What can Bikeability do for your school?

Cycling is a great way for children to travel to school, get some exercise and start the day fresh faced and motivated. Take a look at What-can-Bikeability-do-for-your-school

Milton Keynes Council currently offers Bikeability training to all schools in Milton Keynes.  To find out if your child’s school is currently signed up to receive this training please contact the school directly.

 Information for schoolsTwo primary school girls practising riding on a bikeability course

Cycle training has an excellent safety record. All of our instructors are fully trained Bikeability instructors and have enhanced DBS checks which are available to view upon request.

All instructors are trained to complete thorough risk assessments, which they do before and during the training course.

The booking process

  • If you are interested in Bikeability at your school contact the cycling team at MKC.
  • Our Coordinator will be in touch to arrange a time to meet or talk to you about Bikeability and Modeshift STARs
  • We urge all schools to sign up to Modeshift STARS. It’s free to take part and it helps us monitor the effectiveness of our training.
  • Once you have chosen a course and date we will send you an email to confirm your booking and the date of training.
  • We will attach a parent consent form which needs to be sent out to parents 3 weeks before the training date.
  • 2 weeks prior to training we will contact you to confirm the number of children attending the course and let you know how many days we will be with you and which instructors will be joining you. Not long now !
  • 1 week before the course we will send you an email with final confirmation of the numbers, if you’ve had any last minute consent forms back –now is the time to let us know so that we can do our best to accommodate.

Get everyone involved

Use the Bikeability Tools for School these are curriculum-linked resources for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 can be used to incorporate cycling in to other lessons – get creative and design a helmet; learn about the human body and what it takes to ride a bike, or learn about the local area, plan a route, calculate distances and miles per hour.

The school day before the course

  • Remind children / parents that they will need their bikes and helmets – in a roadworthy condition for the course and to complete all bike checks.
  • Tell the children where to leave their bikes. Ideally group 1 bikes will be kept separate from group 2 bikes – not necessarily in different playgrounds, just grouped so that the instructors can prioritise checking the first 12 bikes (group 1) in the morning.

On the day of the course

  • The instructors will arrive at the school around 8.30am
  • They will need a register with the full names of all of the children attending the course, along with all medical / behavioural information. This is very important.
  • Now is the time to brief the instructors on the school layout and everything else they need to know  – how to get in to the school, who to call in an emergency, what time the children take their breaks and what time they need to back at the end of the day.

At the end of the course

  • Trainees will receive individual feedback on their training and they will receive a certificate and badge.
  • The instructor will leave a feedback form with the school.

Charges for Bikeability in Schools

NOTE: Additional attendees can be added in blocks.

Bikeability Course No of trainees Price – for schools Duration
Level 1 Up to 12 *£60 2 hours
Level 2 Up to 24 £120 3 days (2 groups of 12, 3 half days each)
Level 3, Transition & Fix Up to 6 £90 1 full day
Learn to Ride 1 – 1 training £10.90 per person 1 hour introductory lesson – outside school
Balance Up to 36 £180 4 half days (3 groups of 12, 45 minutes sessions)
Fix Up to 12 £60 2 hours
Transition Up to 6 £30 2 – 3 hours
Adults Up to 6 £30 3 half days (8 hours)

*price dependent on whether school has own fleet of maintained bikes

Course charges may increase once grant funding has been allocated.


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