Public transport is a great way to get around Milton Keynes. Not only can you combine bus and train services with walking and cycling to help you get fitter and healthier, but it’s also a greener way to travel.

Don’t miss your bus

These days, there are a number of ways you can find bus information and plan your route. Use our interactive map to find your nearest bus stop, wherever you are in Milton Keynes. Our journey planner will help you to plan your trip and compare it to other modes of transport.

Some bus operators also have their own websites and apps which provide up-to-the-minute live travel information. For example, the Arriva bus app helps you to get the most out of your Arriva local bus services. Find the time of the next bus, the nearest bus stop, which bus to catch and lots more. You can even get real time updates.

MK Bus Route Maps

There are over 40 different bus routes in Milton Keynes, served by a number of different operators. Take a look at the maps below to see bus route information.

MK_Spider map 2023

Urban Bus Routes Map – 2023

For information on all stops used on a bus route, search for the timetable here

For information on how to contact individual operators please visit the Milton Keynes City Council Highways and Transport Hub


Interactive map
Find your nearest bus stops, bus services and much more.