Milton Keynes Magical Mystery Tour

A year in the life of Milton Keynes City

Inspired by his love of discovering Milton Keynes by bicycle Thomas Gray and Grid Arts have created a short film that is a fast paced ‘magical mystery tour’ of Milton Keynes.  Filmed almost entirely from the perspective of a very special three person bicycle.

Throughout 2021 Thomas and family interacted with different communities, events, performances and heritage locations all around Milton Keynes while cycling, then edited to look like a single extraordinary, magical, afternoon excursion.

Grid Spinners was filmed over a 12 month period and promotes Redways, cycling, parks, heritage locations and all things Milton Keynes.

Thomas Gray says;

“Underpasses act as magical points of transition and both iconic and lesser known MK Landmarks were included, along with passers-by such as runners, horse riders, cyclists, park users and commuters.”

“The film also encountered public and sporting events such as the MK Dons, running festivals, community festivals and even delivery robots, demonstrating the diverse nature of Milton Keynes and reveals the fun and fellowship of travelling through a town that is ‘Different by Design’, while the flow of images, sounds and music showcases the quality of urban and green landscapes that are waiting to be discovered.”

Explore your own magical mystery adventure

Milton Keynes has one of the best cycling networks in the UK, known as Redways, as well as miles of leisure routes through green open spaces.  You can discover ‘Where to Ride‘ with information to help people travel by bike and explore the Cultural Routes that form a Grand Tour of MK.

The film was made possible with funding from;