Ready to shrink your fuel costs?

Liftshare Week

This year Liftshare week will be celebrated between the 3rd and 9th of October. We will be encouraging car sharing to drive down the cost of the commute.

Try a carshare

  • Car sharing can reduce the number of miles you put on your car and save you money in fuel and maintenance costs
  • Sharing the drive can also reduce your stress levels
  • If you commute with someone else in your company you can get to learn about their department and work
  • You could even make new friends or be a part of a new social group
  • Use Milton Keynes Liftshare to find someone who’s travelling the same journey, save on fuel and have some company on the commute.

Join the central Milton Keynes car-sharing scheme

Milton Keynes City Council Car Share is a parking permit for Central Milton Keynes employees who share a journey to work.

Join the permit scheme for just £130 a year per person (£65 per person for a six month permit) to receive the following benefits:

Free parking in all standard rate spaces and over 350 reserved cars share bays in prime locations. Please see our Central Milton Keynes parking map for locations of our ample central standard (purple) bays.

Interested to learn more, visit the Car Sharing pages.