Drive electric while saving thousands in new council-backed club

MK Council launches electric car share scheme in partnership with Enterprise to give local people the opportunity to borrow electric cars on a pay per use basis

Local people and businesses in MK are to have 24/7 access to seven low emission vehicles as MK Council launches a new car club sharing scheme in the city.

Car clubs are known for helping reduce car ownership levels, easing parking pressures and congestion while offering users the benefit of accessing a car without the burden of owning one at a fraction of a typical car ownership cost.

Those who give up their cars and choose car share schemes also tend to use other more sustainable modes more – public transport, walking, cycling and e-scooters.  More details about how the scheme works can be seen in a short video.

The Council is working with Enterprise on developing and growing the scheme to allow more people to make smarter travel choices. Cars will be available to reserve from Friday 4th March via an app.

By using promo code MK1010 all MK residents can sign up for a discounted annual membership of £10 (usually £60) and receive £10 driving credit.

Additionally, five MK residents who sign up between 4-25 March will be given £100 driving credit – equivalent to over a month’s use of a car club vehicle. will be given £100 driving credit – further information and a full list of available vehicle locations.

The fleet will include five different models including the electric Nissan Leaf which when fully charged has 239 miles of range, easily covering local and regional journeys.

Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Sustainability, Cllr Jennifer-Wilson Marklew said: “Around 635,000 people are signed up to car clubs across Britain and we think it will work well for lots of individuals and businesses in MK.  It was a straightforward decision to launch an electric car club as it’s more sustainable and cuts emissions, and will allow more drivers to reduce their carbon footprint. For many people the purchase price of an electric car is still out of reach and we hope this offers a more flexible option. I’m looking forward to seeing good use being made of the club.”