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Milton Keynes Car Club

Milton Keynes is ready to host a car club operated by Enterprise Car Club.  The car club provides vehicles that can be rented by the hour or day, 24/7 access, 365 days of the year.

For when your journey cannot be made by other modes of transport, Enterprise Car Club is a great solution.

Car club members have access to a combination of electric and hybrid vehicles in eight locations across the city. Members can see the live state of charge and mileage range on every Enterprise Car Club electric vehicle when they book on the website. This means that they can be certain the vehicle will have enough power for the journey they are planning to make, bringing extra peace of mind.

Users who sign up to become a member of Enterprise Car Club in Milton Keynes will also have access to more than 1,400 vehicles located in 180 towns, cities and communities across the UK.

Conveniently the vehicles will be located on-street and are able to be rented contact-free, with ease of joining the club and step-by-step guide to enrolment and reservation.

The cars come with a Complete Clean pledge for residents and visitors that use an Enterprise Car Club,  it is a safe, clean and viable mode of transport. Vehicles are cleaned between every single reservation for member safety.  Alongside a ‘Car Club Code’ a simple set of ground rules designed to keep everyone’s journey easy and enjoyable.

How Car Club works

  • Join – select Milton Keynes as your location for joining.  Once approved, you’ll be able to get on the road using the Enterprise Car Club App.
  • Reserve – you can reserve vehicles in advance or on the go.  Simply log in on the website, or use the mobile app.
  • Unlock and Go – Use the Enterprise Car Club app to unlock the vehicle.  Locate the pin pad in the glove box, follow the steps as prompted on the pin pad and retrieve the keys.
  • Return – to the same location, and use your app to lock the vehicle for the final time.


  • Eldergate, Central Milton Keynes
  • Loughton Car Park, Bradwell Road
  • Church Street, Wolverton
  • Colindale Street, Monkston Park
  • Midsummer Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes
  • Queensway, Bletchley
  • Saxon Gate, Central Milton Keynes
  • Cofferidge Close, Stony Stratford (Coming soon)

Save when you join

As an introductory offer, local residents are able to sign up for discounted membership and free driving credit.  The offer will provide all Milton Keynes residents joining within 12 months of launch: £10 first year’s membership (usually £60) and £10 free driving credit when they join the Milton Keynes standard annual plan (total savings of £60).  Using promo code: MK1010.

Check out all available offers.


Have a question about Car Club?

Need help with billing, membership, reservations and more, contact The Clubhouse.


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