Why you should use Modeshift STARS for your travel plan

Why you should use Modeshift STARS for your travel plan

Having a happy and healthy workforce is the key to the success of any business. One of the easiest ways of improving staff health and morale is to encourage them to exercise on their way to work. Studies have shown that exercise on the way to the workplace can improve productivity and increase staff morale. Additionally, a more active commuting workforce can improve your company’s green credentials.

Milton Keynes has recently launched Modeshift STARS, a platform that enables businesses to create travel plans and work towards green travel accreditations.

What does Modeshift STARS offer?

The platform provides an effective and time-saving way of creating travel plans that meet BREEAM standards. Supported by the Milton Keynes Planning & Transport Team, Modeshift enables Travel Coordinators and HR Departments to begin to plan and manage a sustainable and evidenced travel policy for their workforce.

As a result of the green credentials and accreditation connected to the scheme, and because it supports the development of a healthy and sustainable workforce, the platform also meets corporate responsibility objectives.

How do you get started?

The first step is to register your interest on the Modeshift STARS website. After receiving an email, you can then begin your registration.

From the minute you start registering, you are starting to build your company’s sustainable travel plan. The process guides you through every section of your plan, beginning with a site audit. The majority of information requested should be accessible from HR and security records, for example, staff absence and the number of visitors on site.

Once the audit has been completed, you can then move on to sending out a staff travel survey. The team at Milton Keynes can help with this and will send you a survey link to share with your team.

Learning about how your team travels will provide you with the essential insights to begin setting SMART targets for your travel plan. An example could be installing covered and secure cycle parking to encourage more team members to cycle to work.

Once you have begun delivering on your decided actions and targets, you can then submit your plan for accreditation. Because Milton Keynes is a part of the Modeshift scheme, the nationally accredited Bronze Level Award is free to any participating business. Submitting your plan could also provide the opportunity of winning a National Award.

Need some help getting started?

You’re interested in creating your travel plan but don’t know where to start.  Not a problem.  Our team are happy to come and assist you through the process.  Just get in touch.

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