Why you should hop on the bus

Why you should hop on the bus

Hopping on the bus to work can have dramatically positive effects on your health and on your local community. Staggeringly if one in twenty-five car journeys in the UK were switched to a bus we would save 2 million tonnes of CO2 in a year.

But, just as importantly, a study in Taiwan has shown that the simple activity of walking 15 minutes to a bus stop can reduce the risk of mortality by 14%! Even more thought-provoking is that this relatively simple daily exercise can burn 22,630 calories a year and is the equivalent distance of 11 marathons.

The benefits of using public transport for your daily commute go beyond calorie burning and CO2 emissions. Being able to spend your time on a bus can be quite enjoyable. Sitting on the top deck, you can see views that you may not previously have noticed from a car, and the time can be used well, catching up with friends, reading the news or even checking emails before you reach the office.

Bus travel can save you money too. A 7 day MK Move ticket costs just £20, which works out less than taking the car.

MK the Move

With five bus service providers operating over 40 bus routes in MK it’s easy to get on board and take the bus to work.

Whether you decide to buy a ticket or bus pass from one operator or opt for an MK Move day, week or 4 weekly ticket, you are definitely likely to save money.

The MK Move card will become a smartcard later this year. Working in much the same way as an Oyster Card, you will be able to simply charge up and go.

To begin planning your journey, take a look at our interactive journey planner.

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