10 reasons why an E-cargo bike could be great for your business

E-cargo bikes for business

E-cargo bikes: the future of urban deliveries

With the recent spike in home deliveries putting a strain on our already congested roads, businesses are looking for more convenient and sustainable ways to move goods around the city.  E-cargo bikes with their electric motor capable of carrying loads of up to 360 litres from door to door could be the answer.

As Milton Keynes gears up to launch their new E-cargo bikes for business scheme, we take a look at some of the many business benefits of this new delivery method.

  1. E-cargo bikes are cost effective:  Consider how much you could have on fuel, maintenance, taxes and insurance if you ditch your cars or vans for E-cargo bikes.  With Milton Keynes Council’s new E-cargo bike loan scheme, businesses get the opportunity to try before buying.  Our low cost, short and long-term rental scheme means that there’s no up-front investment needed to give it a trial and see if it works for you.
  2. A convenient way to get around:  An E-cargo bike rider can easily reach their location in less time compared to other delivery options.  Waiting in queues of traffic to reach your destination is a thing of the past.  Bikes are better equipped to tackle city traffic and there is simply no better way of moving goods around.
  3. No more looking for a parking space:  Save valuable time looking for a convenient place to park.  An E-cargo bike can be cycled door to door making unloading deliveries both easier and quicker than a car or van.
  4. Large loading capacity:  Our E-cargo bikes can carry loads of up to 630 litres and can therefore replace cars and vans for most local deliveries.  The electric motor also means that carrying heavier loads is much easier than a normal bike.
  5. Be emissions free:  E-cargo bikes emit no C02 so are a far more environmentally-friendly option of moving goods around the city.  Play your part in helping to make Milton Keynes one of the most sustainable cities in the UK.
  6. Stand out:  An E-cargo bike can be a key differentiator in the market and show your customers that you are a socially responsible business.  All our cargo bikes can be branded so you can get your name on the roads as you cycle around the city.
  7. Healthier and happier staff:  Businesses who are already using bikes as part of their delivery operations, report that staff not only enjoy the chance to be out in the open air but are also getting fitter and healthier too.  The battery also makes cycling far easier and extends the range far beyond what would normally be feasible on a normal bike.
  8. Simple to incorporate into your operations:  Driving an E-cargo bike is simple.  By incorporating them into your operations, you don’t have to worry about access to cars and vans for your team and they don’t even need a driving licence.  Milton Keynes Council also offer Bikeability training to help all riders to feel comfortable and safe on the roads.
  9. No more trips for petrol:  At the end of the day, simply plug the battery into the wall and you’re ready to go for the day ahead.  No need to factor in fuel stops during working hours.
  10. Where better place than Milton Keynes:  the area is the ideal place to trial a different way of making deliveries.  The city is already at the forefront of sustainable, innovative travel – with its grid transport system and Redways making it even easier and safer to get around.

Is your business making deliveries across Milton Keynes?

Why not give an E-cargo bike a go?  Register your interest here.

See how one Milton Keynes organisation Food Connect has been successfully using eCargo bikes for their daily deliveries.



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