Trail blaze MK’s cultural routes this summer

Take on the Grand Tour!

With new routines for a lot of people, there’s never been a better time to explore Milton Keynes over the summer months, whether it’s for a run, walk or bike ride.

Over the next few weeks, new and easy-to-follow wayfinding markers will be popping up across MK’s existing cultural routes.  Each route is colour coded and have QR codes linking to more information about its history.

Each of the routes are approximately 10 miles long, with a 5-mile shortcut and they all connect to one another across the borough’s Redway network.  The five routes and themes are;

  • Yellow – Cars, boats and trains
  • Blue – Ancient and modern Milton Keynes
  • Green – Rivers, lakes and dinosaurs
  • Iron – Romans, rivers, trams and trains
  • Cornflower – Woods, frogs and a toot

A few sights you can come across include the iconic concrete cows, art trails, the Light Pyramid in Campbell Park, you can even cross over the world’s oldest cast iron bridge.

Cllr Emily Darlington Cabinet Member for the Public Realm said, “The new simple wayfinding signs along with the interactive map provides a great way to visit and explore the greatness of MK and its offering to anyone who either works, lives or visits the city.  The routes include cultural destinations, historic sites, MK’s vast parks and open spaces.”

“Don’t foret to share your pictures on our social channels exploring the cultural trails over the next few months,.” added Cllr Darlington.

The colour coded routes will match what you will be able to see across the routes.  There’s never been a better time to get exploring!

For more info visit the Cultural Routes pages.