New Get Around MK Travel Guide

Get Around MK Travel Guide

Look out for are new Get Around MK Travel Guide arriving through your door over the coming weeks.

This handy booklet has all the information you need to get back on board public transport in Milton Keynes. From the latest Timetables for buses in your area, information about Milton Keynes Councils innovative demand responsive service MK Connect and additional information about the sustainable travel options available such as eBike, eScooters and Milton Keynes Car Club.

The Travel Guide contains contact information for all local operators and links to valuable surveys where you will be able to give us valued feedback on current public transport needs and ideas for improvements we can make to help Milton Keynes City become a greener more accessible city in the future.

The Travel Guide has been made possible thanks to Milton Keynes City Councils Enhanced Partnership with operators’ part of the Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) and one-off funding by DfT’s BSIP+ initiative.