Liftshare Week 2019

Imagine saving 50% on petrol or diesel every time you went to the pumps to fill up

By sharing your journeys with a Liftshare partner, you can split the costs and that’s effectively what you’re doing.

There are many reasons why using Liftshare is such a great way to help you travel, but one of the main reasons that members love Liftsharing is how much they save on fuel and parking costs.

We want to get even more people sharing and saving money, especially as the average regular sharer on our platform saves over £1000 per year! Not only that, but they also save the equivalent in weight of 27 Orangutans in CO2 per year!!

What better time to get involved and start making savings than during this year’s Liftshare week – happening from Monday 7 to Sunday 13 October.

Win a £150 Red Letter Days experience voucher…

 Any member that forms a Liftshare team between 30 September and 20 October 2019 will be entered into a prize draw to win a Red Letter days voucher up to the value of £150.

Get involved today!

 All you need to do is sign up to the Milton Keynes Liftshare scheme, add your journey and find your match. It’s that easy.

If you’re already a member but don’t have a liftshare, you can log back into your account, review your matches and find someone new going your way.