International Walk to School Month

Walk this Way

Every October is International Walk to School Month – an opportunity for children to join hundreds of thousands of pupils across the globe celebrating the walk to school.

This year Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking are looking at how we can make the Walk to School safer and easier. Following research (YouGov 2018) released by the charity, it revealed that too many cars are the things parents find most annoying on the school run – specifically too many cars around schools gates (54%); cars parking on the pavements (50%); and too much traffic on the journey (45%).

Currently in Milton Keynes less than half of children walk to school (38%). This is significantly down from a generation ago, when 70% of children used to walk to school.

Walk to School – to reap the rewards.

  • Children who do some form of exercise, especially a walk before school, arrive refreshed, fit and ready to learn. If you walk to school, you will get fitter too!
  • The Walk to School is another opportunity for your child to learn road safety.
  • Walking to school can be just as quick as driving and is a great way to spend time with your child.
  • By walking to school you’re saving money by spending less on petrol.
  • One in five cars on the road in the morning is taking children to school. By walking to school just once per week you can help improve the quality of air your child is growing up in.

What can you do to get involved?

Pushed for time?

Commit to walking one day a week or walking part of the way. If mornings are too much of a rush, fit in your walk on the way home.

Worried about safety?

Showing your children how to spot risks and how to be safe near busy roads is one of the best ways to teach road safety. By practicing makes kids more aware, more confident and safer around traffic.

Too far to walk?

Consider driving part of the journey and walking the rest. By leaving your car a ten minute walk away from school, you’ll be avoiding the congestion outside the school gates.

Rubbish weather?

Don’t let the weather dampen your spirits, one of the joys of walking to school is getting fresh air, whatever the weather. Keep an eye on the weather and your outfit, a bit of rain never harmed anyone.

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