Grab a sidekick and start Liftsharing today

Super Commuters helping relieve the stress of your commute.

Milton Keynes Liftshare scheme is now available.  The scheme has been launched to support commuters with your journey, to help cut congestion and C02 emissions.

Milton Keynes Liftshare scheme is an online system that is completely free to use.  Once registered, the scheme enables commuters to add your commute and match with others making a similar route, so you can share their journey.

There is no obligation to share or commit to sharing regularly – you share whenever and however you want.

It is completely free to use

It is flexible – you can be the driver or passenger on the days that you want to share.

It offers the ability to split costs – regular sharers can save on average over a £1,000 a year!

As a Liftsharer you could have access to the 350 ‘car share’ bays located across central Milton Keynes.  By applying for a Car Share Permit you would also qualify for a reduction in parking costs.

How to use Milton Keynes Liftshare scheme

  1. Sign up to the Milton Keynes Scheme.  Your email address is kept hidden and is not shown to other members anywhere on the site.
  2. You can then add your journey as either a passenger, driver or both.
  3. Search for a journey match.  Once you have found a suitable match, click on their profile and send a request to share – either ‘ask to share’ within the passenger section or ‘message’ within the driver section.
  4. Create a Liftshare Team by accepting a request to share.

It’s that easy, sign up now and travel happy!

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about using the scheme email