Halfords support for Bikeability 2018 – 2021

Halfords – the official cycling retail partner of Bikeability

HalfordsĀ funding has supported the creation of a Bikeability Participants’ Hub – to encourage family cycling post Bikeability training by offering incentives, as well as general support and advice around cycling, plus information about relevant events and activities to take part in.

Halfords are offering free bike checks, 10% off Halfords bikes and accessories and a chance to win a Carrera Kids Bike !

Halfords has also committed direct funding which is being fed into a new Innovation Fund to help 25,000 more primary school age children in England to access safe cycling programmes. Grants from this fund will be targeted at worthwhile projects, such as Bikeability training in areas of deprivation; and best-practice initiatives that contribute to the wider learning of the industry as a whole.