MK Connect Rural Pilot FAQs

MK Connect Rural Pilot FAQs

Rural MK Connect Pilot  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Please note: If you are booking a trip out of or into the Rural Zone you need to enter Newport Pagnell as destination on the MK Connect App or over the phone. Your final destination will have to be booked separately from Newport Pagnell either as an onward MK Connect journey or a scheduled bus. This only applies during the trial operating hours.

Will I have to change vehicle? 

You will need to change vehicle if you are travelling from the Orange Rural Zone to the Purple Main Zone. The changeover point will always be at Newport Pagnell Market Hill bus stop. 

If you are booking a trip within any single zone or going to the green Newport Pagnell zone from either of the others, then no, you will not have to change vehicle. You only must change vehicle if you are going from the orange Rural Zone to the purple Main zone. 

What if I have an accessibility flag on my account?
If you have accessibility needs, then the MK Connect vehicle will come to your exact location. You will not be required to meet them.  

You may need to change vehicles if you are travelling between the Orange Rural Zone to the Purple Main Zone, the changeover point will be Market Hill bus stop. There are dropped kerbs and lowered buses to assist you. 

You may still need to change vehicle, but the vehicle will come to your exact location, and you will not be expected to meet them. Sometimes users with accessibility needs currently must change between buses so this will not be very different from what happens now.  

What are the pilot hours of operation?
The pilot will run Monday to Friday 6am – 7pm and Saturdays 8am – 6pm

What happens outside the pilot hours of operation?
MK Connect will run as usual across Milton Keynes. 

Can I use my bus pass before 9:30am?
No, the existing rules will continue to apply for concessionary passes, just as they do now on MK Connect and on buses. 

Can I still book a direct journey from Rural Area to Woburn Sands if I choose to pay?
No, during the pilot scheme you will be unable to book a journey directly between the Orange Rural Zone and the Purple Main Zones during the hours when the pilot is operating. 

Will I have to pay if I travel just within the Rural Zone?
Yes these trips will be treated as normal.  

How long will I have to wait for the bus in Newport Pagnell?
We are running the pilot at times when the bus services are at their most frequent, so we do not expect anyone to wait more than about 15mins for a bus. We also expect similar waiting times or even less in some cases for pick-up on MK Connect within the Orange Rural Zone, compared to the average current wait which is about 60 minutes.  

And how long will I have to wait in Newport Pagnell for MK Connect on my return journey?
This is something we will be testing as part of this pilot scheme, but any wait time is expected to be around 15 minutes. 

What if the bus is cancelled or diverted from Market Hill? Will I be able to book another MK Connect, and will the system allow this?
We’re working with operators to limit short notice disruptions, but they are sometimes unavoidable e.g., a vehicle breakdown. Cancellations or diversions made at short notice cannot be uploaded into the booking system and so prevents the user from booking another journey. 

Can I book to other location in Newport Pagnell, other than Market Hill?
You can book to anywhere in Newport Pagnell, but Market Hill was chosen as the interchange for the pilot scheme as it is one of the busiest stops. 

Can I book to travel directly from Olney to Stony Stratford or do I have to go via Newport Pagnell and change vehicles? 

The vehicle change will always be at Market Hill, Newport Pagnell between the Orange Rural Zone and the Purple Main Zones throughout this pilot.  

We will review how successful this location has been as part of our overall assessment once the trial period is over. 

Will trips be free from Rural Zone to Market Hill using All in 1 card?
Yes, all trips that go from Rural Zone to Newport Pagnell will be free for the trail. 

Can I travel from Olney to Newport after 7pm free of charge or do I have to pay?
Outside of the pilot hours charges will be as normal. 

Can I not have a free trip on Sunday?
MK Connect will run as usual on a Sunday and will charge as usual. 

Do I have to change in Newport Pagnell if I’m already on a bus?

No, if your bus route passes through Newport Pagnell at the moment then it will continue to follow the same timetable.

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