Get your team to MK the Move to the bus

Get your team to MK the Moove to the bus

With an increasing focus on the environment and global warming, many businesses are making the move towards creating green travel plans. As a part of a Modeshift Stars travel plan, it’s recommended that employers consider encouraging their team to shift their commute to public transport.
Aside from the positive environmental impact of removing cars from the road, businesses can reap a number of rewards for encouraging the switch. These include:

  • Reducing the amount of congestion and traffic around your premises
  • Reducing the cost of maintaining carparking facilities
  • Improved staff productivity and reduced stress levels
  • Encourages wider staff diversity by making the workplace attractive to non-drivers

All extremely attractive, but how do you encourage your workforce to leave their cars at home and take the bus or train instead?

Give them all the necessary information

For many, bus and train timetables can be confusing, so by providing tools and information about their public transport options, you can remove an already obvious barrier.
Milton Keynes has over 40 bus routes and with an interactive bus map it’s easy for team members to find their easiest route to work. There are also regular buses connecting between the stations and the whole of the town.
If you wanted to go one step further you could provide personalised travel plans for new and existing members of staff, or create public transport ambassadors amongst your workforce.

Publicise new transport schemes

The five bus providers in Milton Keynes have signed up to the MK Move scheme.
MK Move runs daily, weekly and monthly travel passes, with weekly passes costing £20. In early 2020 Milton Keynes ‘Move’ will be changing to a smart card, providing great value travel across bus operators.
For some employers it may be worth considering the option of offering interest free season and travel ticket loans to staff, making the initial outlay towards sustainable travel more attractive.
Milton Keynes also has excellent rail connections, with 6 stations serving the town and surrounding area.
If you would like help in building a green transport policy, assistance in signing up for Modeshift Starsfor, or advice on how to encourage your staff on how to reassess their commute, contact our team.

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