Better Transport Week

Mon 17th Jun 2024 - 23rd Jun
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Better Transport Week

Better Transport Week is an annual, week-long celebration of the sustainable transport that makes our lives better. Public transport, shared travel, cycling, walking and wheeling can give us a brighter transport future – one that is greener and fairer, that connects people rather than leaving them behind, that helps provide cleaner air and a planet fit for the next generation.

We’re proud to a partner of Campaign for Better Transport’s Better Transport Week which runs from 17 to 23 June. Sustainable transport does amazing things; it shrinks traffic jams, cleans up our air and tackles climate change, it improves our health and boosts our economy, and it connects us to the things that matter.

Better Transport Week brings together the transport industry, government, business, NGOs and passenger groups for a celebration of sustainable transport. Whether you’re a passenger, pedestrian, car-sharer or cyclist, if you care about transport there will be plenty to get involved with.

As an official partner of Better Transport Week, we’ll be helping to promote the wide range of benefits of public transport, walking and wheeling, cycling, car sharing and encouraging more people to travel

Find out more about Better Transport Week here.

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