Benefits of being a cycle friendly employer

Have you ever considered how your team commute to work and whether that commute affects your business? Encouraging your staff to change up the way they travel to work and consider jumping on their bikes can have a significant positive impact on your workforce.


Reinvigorate your workforce

Having active employees can reduce absence costs and increases productivity.

Staff who cycle to work are 20% less likely to take time off sick! A Sustrans survey showed that people who used the National Cycle Network to commute took half as many sick days as an average UK Worker.


Reduce congestion

Encouraging your workforce to leave their cars at home and avoid traffic jams can mean that you improve not only your staff’s productivity, but also the country’s.

It’s estimated that congestion in the UK costs the economy over £10billion a year in urban areas alone and, according to a Heathrow Express survey, employee lateness costs an estimated £9billion a year.


Reduce business costs

Whether your company owns or rents their carpark, the savings from encouraging cycling can be impressive. GlaxoSmithKline discovered that encouraging and investing in staff who were willing to give up their cars allowed them to make an annual saving of £2000 per parking space!


Retain young talent

Encouraging different ways to commute and offering incentives will make you more likely to recruit and retain millennial talent. By 2025, millennials, those born after 1983, will make up 75% of the workforce. This demographic group have a particular interest in combatting climate change and reducing their impact on the environment.

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