4 reasons to get your team on 2 wheels

4 reasons to get your team on 2 wheels

You’ve considered all the positive impacts of a cycle-friendly workforce on your business, now what do you do?


Make cycling attractive

Make it easier for your staff to make the decision to cycle to work.

Introducing showers, lockers and drying facilities not only help cyclists, but also people who want to run to work. Enabling staff to shower off and freshen up ready for their day, knowing that their kit is safe is a great incentive for them to make the move from 4 wheels to 2.


Introduce a bike pool

Introducing a pool of bikes for your team to use for local meetings or lunchtime trips can build up a cycling culture within your business and encourage healthy activities. Access to efficient and cost-effective transport for local use can also save on transport costs.  Or you could introduce a corporate membership of a local bike share scheme.


Install cycle parking

Setting aside a secure and convenient area to park bikes, close to your building’s entrance is much more cost-effective than providing space for 1 car. Try to ensure that it is a covered and well-lit space, or alternatively, if there is space available indoors, provide wall hooks for bike hanging.


Team up with other employers to create a BUG (Bicycle User Group)

Working with other employers in the area create a group for employees to share information between each other, for example, maintenance and repair tips, quiet and traffic-free routes to and from work, bike buddies for new or rusty riders to build up confidence, and leaflets and maps.  On business parks, arrange Dr Bike drop-ins and bike security marking.

For more information take a look at the Love to Ride Workplace Cycle Challenge

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