Walk to work

Walking is a great way to start the day – and did you know that you can get your weekly recommended dose of exercise by simply walking to work? It doesn’t matter if you live miles away from your work place – you can still walk some of the journey, there are plenty of parking spaces around so just park a little further away and take the last mile or two by foot. You may be surprised how good it makes you feel.

Park and Walk

If you’d like help with where to park here’s a MK parking map of all of the councils off street car parks. Alternatively, contact us for advice on route planning.

If you work in Central Milton Keynes you can still park and walk.

Try adding a little exercise in to your working day by parking in another area. There’s lots of useful advice on where to park and how many calories you’ll burn off by walking.

Get off the bus one stop earlier

Once you’ve sussed out your bus journey to work, why not try getting off the bus one stop earlier and taking the last part of the journey on foot? If you’re unsure how to get from the bus stop to work – our journey planner can help you plan that last section.

Already walking to work?

Why not inspire others with your energy and enthusiasm and get other people walking too!

Help our community

Join the movement and Get on the Redways! We need more people on our footpaths and Redways, the more people that are around; the nicer the environment will be for everyone.

Interactive map
Find your nearest bus stops, bus services and much more.