Cycle parking for your workplace

Cycle parking for your workplace

Ride your way to becoming a Cycle Friendly Employer

Throughout the pandemic, cycling has been a favoured mode of travel, helping key workers to commute safely, a pastime for the furloughed or has offered a break away from working at home.

Cycling both nationally and locally has seen a huge increase in usage, with increases of up to 60% in some parts of Milton Keynes recorded.

To maintain this, we want to support MK businesses to become Cycle Friendly Employers by enabling and encouraging their staff to commute by bike and become local ambassadors for cycling across the city.

We will do this by providing free cycle parking for your workplace.

By providing a place for staff to park their bikes, safely and securely, can influence someone’s decision to cycle in the first place and affects the chances of a bike being stolen or damaged.

The importance of, secure, well-designed, high quality and convenient cycle parking at your workplace should never be under-estimated.

Soon you will be able to apply to receive cycle parking.  We’ll provide a parking solution for your workplace and you’ll install at your site. We’ll also ask you to keep the team updated with how your workplace is progressing on your journey towards being a cycle friendly workplace.

We don’t want to stop there though; we want to continue to work with you to introduce and promote more initiatives to encourage and enable more people to travel to work actively.  We can do this by supporting you to develop a travel plan through the online platform Modeshift STARS.  The STARS business scheme recognises organisations that show excellence in supporting cycling and other forms of sustainable and active travel.

Express interest in becoming a Cycle Friendly Employer by contacting us at

Look at what our Get Smarter Travel programme looks like in 2021.

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