Apply for school cycle parking

Apply for school cycle or scooter parking

Cycle & Scooter Parking Grants

(We are now closed to new applications)

Cycle Parking Grants allow for schools in Milton Keynes to apply for a grant to install new cycle or scooter parking or improve the existing cycling or scooter parking.

The grants support plans that are in place to encourage more people in Milton Keynes to cycle or scoot, building on a rise of people who cycle or use scooters, with figures showing that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase of almost 60% people cycling in some areas of MK.

The grants will be used to help schools provide a safe and secure place for pupils to park up their wheels during the school day.

Cycling or scooting is a great way to travel to school, pupils arrive alert and ready to learn, they are having fun and getting exercise on the school journey, and it keeps the school clear of traffic, making the peak travel times less congested for everybody.  It also helps with social distancing on the school journey while we recover from the pandemic.

Schools can apply through a simple application process. Schools will need to tell us what they would like to install, how much it will cost and how many pupils they hope to get cycling or scooting to school and also work towards a school travel plan to encourage more healthy travel habits.

Qualifying projects

  • Installation of new cycle parking
  • Improvements to existing cycle parking
  • Installation of new scooter parking
  • Improvements to existing scooter parking

Applications have now unfortunately closed as all funding has been allocated. We do however hope to re-open applications in the near future, watch this space!

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