Bus Service Changes

Bus Route 28

The last day of operation of service 28 will be Saturday 24th October.

From Sunday 25th October a Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) service will start operation within the areas served by service 28.

The DRT service will run 7am – 7pm Mon-Sat and 11am – 4pm on Sundays.  All single trips cost £2.50 and are free for Older Person’s and Disabled Person’s bus pass holders after 9.30am.

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles may not be available immediately but are being sourced and mobilised rapidly to ensure access for all residents.  If not available by 25th October, ViaVan will provide alternative transport for mobility restricted riders.

Passengers wishing to use the DRT service will need to register and book journeys.

For live support or help with creating an account on your smartphone, call 01908 41035.  If you are a bus pass holder without a smartphone, call 01908 252526 (to book rides lines open M/T/Th/F: 9am-5:15pm, W 10am-5.15pm).

More information about the service can be found here.

Real Time Passenger Information

On 1st November 2020 Milton Keynes Council are switching over the real time information supplier as the current contract comes to an end.

There may be minor disruption over a few days while they check that the switch over has gone smoothly and correct any issues so please be patient.

The larger signs are being replaced, this work will be completed as promptly as possible but work may run on further into November.

REACT will no longer be live on the on street signs but an app will be available that will give audio information without the aid of the fob so it will be available to all and easier to maintain properly.

Concessionary Bus Passes

The decision was taken on 29th September to remove the pre 9:30am concession for older persons concessionary cards. This is to help operators manage demand at their busiest times with social distancing impacting on the number of people they can carry. This means that from 11pm to 9:30am except on Sundays, ENCTS older persons card holders will need to pay full fare if they wish to travel.

There is no change for disabled card holders or youth concessions.

The MK Move card is coming

Fast and contactless payments will be coming to Milton Keynes on the 30th October with the new MK MOVE card. It will help passengers speed up boarding and searching for loose change will be a thing of the past!

You can already order your card online and it includes the monthly pass previously only available at the MKube travel shop.

Cards can be used on buses with the following operators Arriva, Redline, Uno, Red Rose, Vale, Z&S and Stagecoach from the 30th October.

More information on the MK Move smart ticket.

Lost or Stolen Cards

MK Move cards that have been reported lost of stolen will be blocked on bus as ENCTS cards have been since 12th October.

If your card is blocked it will no longer work on any ticket machine and if you believe this was done in error please contact us at buscards@milton-keynes.gov.uk or call 01908 252558.

ENCTS card holders have until 30th November to get their card replaced if necessary, from 1st December if you try to travel with a blocked card you will be required to pay.

MK Move card holders will not be permitted to travel with a blocked card and will be required to pay for their journey from launch on 30th October.