Innovations in EV charging

Innovations in EV charging technology

Innovation trials will test new EV charging technologies



Milton Keynes is home to pioneering trails which will place the city at the forefront of developments in electric vehicle charging technology.

The four trials, which are part of the city’s Go Ultra Low programme, will focus on advancing and testing new technologies. The trials have the potential to impact on the charging options available to consumers in the future. A study of the different charging types will help understand the resident’s preferences. The reliability of the technology will also be tested.

The four strands include:


Trials 1 and 2: Charging for residents with no off-street parking and charging  a shared fleet for the Business Sector

Two innovative projects in the City will bring together existing and emerging technologies to trial new solutions to EV charging.

Two locations – one based in a neighbourhood and the other in the heart of the business district location – will be home to dedicated charging hubs.

The hubs will include 7Kw and 50kW charge points alongside new wireless charging technology. They will provide overnight parking and charging for residents and business fleets.

The trials will test charging preferences on the different technologies as well as analysing the operation and reliability of each type of equipment.

Trial 3: Domestic energy balancing

The Domestic Energy Balancing EV Charging project aims to investigate ways to balance the peaks of electricity use associated with charging electric vehicles at home.

Electric vehicle drivers in Milton Keynes were able to apply to trial domestic smart chargers, vehicle to grid (V2G) chargers and home battery storage. The ultimate aim is for these technologies to be available for EV owners to save money and reduce demand on electricity networks through balancing the load on the grid.

CrowdCharge is delivering the trial on behalf of Milton Keynes Council, with Flexitricity as the energy demand response partner. There is an option for trail participants to keep the equipment at the end of the project.

There is also the opportunity for Nissan EV drivers in the Midlands, South West and South Wales to take part by receiving the free installation of smart chargers worth £5,500. Find out more about the trial.


Trial 4: On-street residential induction charging

Milton Keynes will also be running a trial of wireless electric vehicle charging to support the future charging needs of residents with no access to off-street parking.

EV charging ground pads will be installed into residential locations across the city. These will be powered by existing street lights.

Specially adapted cars will be trialled in several locations to test the technology.

The aim is to explore the practical application of wireless charging technology which has the benefits of removing street cables and street clutter as well as providing an easier solution for those with limited mobility. The trial is led by and is part of an Innovate UK project.


Mobile Autonomous Charging Station (MACS)

As the Mobile Autonomous Charging Station (MACS) trial reaches it’s conclusion it would be great to hear your opinion, respond here.

Survey will be open for responses until 31st March 2022.


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