Reclaim the Redways – Redways/Colourways by The Guild Collective

Thu 1st Jul 2021 - 30th Sep

Redways/Colourways by The Guild Collective

The Guild is a collective of three local natural dye artists with a shared passion for natural dyes and heritage craft.  Their aim is to challenge people’s perspective of Milton Keynes by uncovering the magic of nature which surrounds the Redway network.  The Guild will host a series of natural dyeing workshops in various locations and in collaboration with local groups including the MK Hindu Association, YMCA, Camphill Community and Grand Mentors in Kiln Farm.

Additionally, three ‘open to all’ workshops will be held at Milton Keynes Arts Centre.  Each workshop will begin with a colour walk or cycle where participants will be encouraged to explore the biodiversity of their local area, foraging the flora to make a unique natural dye for tote bags.  All findings will be published in a colourways map.

To find out more information visit Destination MK’s website

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