National Walk to Work Day

Tue 24th May 2022

Change your routine on Walk to Work Day to lead a more efficient life.

Modern life is busy, everyone is in a rush, all of the time. But how much of an impact is that constant dashing about in the car having on your health and wellbeing? Walk to Work Day is a chance to change up your routine, add a little more time to it, and see how a slower start to your day can lead to a more efficient life overall.

In this age of growing awareness about how being sedentary affects our health, walking to work can make a huge difference in our lives, and our lifespans. Even a brisk 10 minute daily-walk can have significant health benefits and counts towards the recommended 150 minutes of weekly physical activity.

Over 5 million deaths worldwide are attributed to inactivity and it causes one in six deaths overall according to a British Heart Foundation report in 2017.

Get Walking to Work

A few simple steps (pun intended) will help you enjoy your walk to work:

  • Plan your journey in advance. Try using our journey planner to choose the best route and see how long it will take. Carrying a redway map will help you on your way on the day.
  • Set your alarm a little bit early. The extra time spent walking will help you to clear your head and arrive at work refreshed, relaxed and full of energy. Remember to look around and take in all the sights, smells and sounds of the city.
  • Wear sensible shoes. Pop your work shoes in your bag and wear something comfortable and practical. Nobody wants to spend the day with sore feet!
  • Be prepared. If it’s warm, wear a different top and carry a small hand towel so you can wash at work. And as this is the UK, a small, light-weight packable jacket might come in handy for the walk home.

A bit of background

Walking to Work Day was introduced to encourage people to be mindful of their health and their carbon footprint. It’s a great excuse to treat yourself to that latte on the way to work, as your reward for all those extra calories burned.

There’s lots more advice, benefits and tips on our get walking pages – whether you want to start walking to work, walking to school, or event being more active in your free time, there’s something for everyone.


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