10 reasons why Milton Keynes is a great place for electric cars

Milton Keynes - an electric city

Milton Keynes is the new city that continues to grow at a rapid rate. In fact, we’re one of the fastest-growing places in the UK. With our visionary design and architecture, vibrant cultural scene and a thriving economy, we’re one of the best places to live and work.

But did you know that we’re also known for our sustainable credentials? Milton Keynes is home to 4,500 acres of green spaces, lakes and over 20 million trees. Our unique grid road system and our extensive cycleways make travel in the area easy and our reputation has been enhanced as we trial innovations around electric and driverless cars.

As the UK moves towards phasing out petrol and diesel cars by 2035, the time is now to think about electric driving. What better place to make the switch than in Milton Keynes?


  1. We have more charge points per head of population than anywhere in the UK outside London.

With 258 public charge points spread right across the City, you’ll never be far away from a charge when you need it. Located at prime destinations, in the city centre and at the heart of many neighbourhoods, there are so many options for electric vehicle drivers. In addition to that, the Council has helped to install 181 charge points in workplaces in the city.

  1. And we’re home to the UK’s largest universal rapid charging hub

With its location just off the M1 at Milton Keynes Coachway, our rapid hub is a convenient place to charge for those travelling in and around Milton Keynes or those just passing by. The Coachway is now home to nine 50kW rapid chargers alongside four 175kW high powered chargers, meaning drivers can charge and go in around 20 minutes.


  1. Electric vehicle drivers park for free

With one of our green parking permits, electric drivers can park for free in one of the 15,000 bays in Milton Keynes centre. You don’t even need to be charging to gain access to one of the free parking spots. Think of all the money you could save. Drivers need to meet the criteria and apply for a permit on the Council’s website.


  1. The UK’s first brand-neutral electric vehicle centre

Interested in electric vehicles but don’t know where to start? Well in Milton Keynes, we’ve got you covered. We’re home to the UK’s first EV Experience Centre. Visitors can drop in and get expert, independent advice on everything to do with electric cars. There’s even the opportunity to try out some of the latest makes and models with short and long-term test drives on offer.


  1. We combine culture and cars

Our Pedalling Culture initiative was set up to ensure that our fabulous cultural destinations can be reached by many forms of green transport. The initiative has joined forces with the EV Experience Centre to promote electric driving. Charge points have been installed at our cultural venues including Bletchley Park and The Stables with MK Museum coming soon. Electric cars were also wrapped with artist’s work, bringing masterpieces to our roads.

  1. An on-demand electric minibus system

You don’t even need a car to experience an electric drive. In 2019, ViaVans came to Milton Keynes. The ride-sharing scheme, which uses pure electric mini-buses is an on-demand system operating in central Milton Keynes as well as Magna Park, Caldecotte, Loughton, Bletchley and Shenley. Just download the app to book a ride which gives you the convenience of a taxi, at the price of a bus and is totally guilt and emissions free.


  1. You’re not alone

Those choosing to drive an electric car will soon find out that they’re not alone. There are now almost 7,000 drivers experiencing the joy of electric across Milton Keynes making up a great community of like-minded people.


  1. We’re innovators

We’re also at the forefront of new energy and vehicle trials. In Milton Keynes, we’re getting ready to launch two exciting trails which will investigate the future of electric vehicle charging. Our trials in induction charging and domestic energy balancing will pave the way for new technologies.


  1. Electric vehicles are helping grow our economy

It’s thanks to our reputation as the home of electric vehicles that we’re also attracting investment to Milton Keynes. BP Chargemaster, the UK’s biggest name in electric vehicle charging, has recently announced that they’ll be moving into a new facility in Linford Wood. The company’s new HQ will be home to their customer services and home charge team as well as a large manufacturing facility. This move brings with it plenty of new job opportunities.

  1. We’re a gateway to many other cities

Finally, Milton Keynes is in an ideal location, accessible for many other UK cities. In just 55 miles you can reach the cities of London, Cambridge, Oxford, Coventry and Warwick. Journeys that are easily made within the range of an electric car. Saving Milton Keynes electric vehicle drivers money as they travel from city to city.

Milton Keynes is one of the UK’s Go Ultra Low cities and has received a £9 million investment from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles to support the growth and uptake of electric cars.

Follow the Go Ultra Low programme for the latest updates: Facebook: GoUltraLowMK and Twitter: @GoUltraLowMK


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